Maui Zendo 5 Day Sesshin With Michael Kieran October 31 To November 5, 2014

Maui Zendo’s 2014 5-Day Sesshin with Michael Kieran will be held from Friday, October 31st to Wednesday, November 5th at the Rinzai Zen Mission, Baldwin Beach, Paia.
DSC_6960-1The cost of the Sesshin for full time participants is $325. If you plan to attend part time, the fee is $25 per block. (For Maui Zendo Sangha members who made a pledge of $550.00 for 2014, the pledge amount includes the Sesshin fee.)
Participants from off-island can take $50.00 off the Sesshin fee to help cover the cost of airfare to Maui.

Check in will be between 3:30 pm and 4:30 pm on Friday, October 31st. Please bring a brown bag supper for your meal that evening. We will eat together at 5:00 pm, followed by a work meeting at 5:45 p.m. Orientation and Sesshin cautions will then follow at 7:00 p.m. Attendance at the orientation meeting is mandatory for all participants, even for part-timers in order to be familiar with all the workings of the Sesshin. The Sesshin closing ceremony will be held around noon on Wednesday. We will then have tea, eat lunch, clean the temple and pack up. Plan on leaving the property no later then 4:30 PM. Please make your off-island reservation departures no earlier than 4:30 p.m.

You need to supply your own bedding to sleep in the temple or on the temple grounds. If you do not want to sleep in the temple or in a shaded outdoor area under the temple you can opt to camp in your tent near the temple. You must also bring your own towel and items for personal hygiene.

We look forward to your participation and ask that you sign up no later than October 11 to help the planners with their jobs, as there will be much to do. We ask for your kokua.

Please CLICK HERE to download an application form.

If you have any questions, please contact Ken Findeisen, Sesshin Coordinator.
Tel: 808-2832357


Zazenkai and Obon


Our next Zazenkai will be Saturday, June 14 at Rinzai Zen Mission. Michael will be coming from O’ahu. It begins at 9 am and ends at 4 pm. Please bring a bag lunch and water for the day. The fee for attending is $20–unless you have done an annual pledge–in addition to any Dana you would like to offer to Michael and to the temple. Please email me if you plan to attend: or call me at 280-1150 if you have any questions or needs.

Maui Zendo will also be coordinating parking for Rinzai Zen Mission’s Obon Festival on Saturday, August 16. We need all hands on deck from 5 pm to around 7:30 pm. Please email Ken to let him know that you will be there at


Letter from Michael

DSC_6999-482Dear Maui Zendo Sangha,

I look forward to seeing you at the Paia Rinzai Zen Mission this Saturday for our Samu Zazenkai. This will be a full day of practice with Zazen and Dokusan in the morning and Dharma Assembly, a 2 hour period of focused Samu practice, along with a special closing ceremony in the afternoon. Please note that our lunch time will be from 11:30 AM -12:30 PM, a half hour earlier than usual, but we will still end at 4:00 PM with tea and conversation following.

What would it be like to experience working at the Paia Rinzai Mission— sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, washing windows, pulling weeds — as just as valuable a practice as doing zazen? There is no question that this is precisely the teaching of the Zen tradition going all the way back to Baizhang’s saying, “A day without work is a day without eating.” When we view samu practice as a burden or obligation that needs to be fulfilled so that we can then have a place to go to do the real practice, we completely miss a huge piece of the wisdom and transformative power of our tradition, not to mention that same potency in our own daily activities. We’ll celebrate this bounty together on Saturday. See you there.

Best to all,

Samu Zazenkai

P1100995The Maui Zendo will be having a Samu Zazenkai this coming Saturday, May 3rd at the Rinzai Zen Temple in Paia from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Samu is Work Practice done in a mindful and aware manner. Simply stated, samu is a form of meditation done as a means of maintaining the monastery and as practicing mindfulness and Dana.

The schedule will include morning zazen with Samu in the afternoon.

Please bring a brown bag lunch and water along with a change of clothes for Samu.

If you plan on attending, please email me. This will assist in the planning process.

Come join in and contribute to our very special temple.

2014 Sesshin with Nelson Foster

P1100991-580Our three day sesshin with Nelson Foster is coming up. The dates are February 28-March3. The cost is $190 for full-time attendees and $25 per block for part-time attendees. If you have paid the yearly pledge of $550 to Maui Zendo your cost is already covered. Please contact us at if you would like to attend and we will give you further details.

2014 Membership Pledge Form

MauiSesshin-11-13jpeg-560Happy New Year!

With the dawning of the new year comes the annual request seeking pledges for Maui Zendo. Please note there are a variety of ways to support MZ and any support at all is deeply, deeply appreciated!

Please CLICK HERE to download the 2014 Membership Pledge Form

Annually, Maui Zendo hosts two sesshin (a three-day with Nelson and a five-day with Michael), regular Zazenkai and twice weekly sitting at Rinzai Zen Mission. We could not hold these opportunities for practice open without the generous support of sangha.

If you have any questions about the form please let us know. We will happily try to clarify.

Thank you!

Deadline for Sesshin Sign Up

Dear Sangha-
This is a reminder that the is Friday October 11th. Please let us know your plans for participation. The 5 day sesshin with Michael Kieran will begin Friday afternoon, November 8th and end Wednesday midday November 13th. Please Click Here for the Sesshin Application Form.

It is important to know if you are full time or part time. If part time please fill out the time blocks that you are planning to attend. Scan and email the registration form or send to: Maui Zendo PO Box 791354 Paia HI 96779.
Thank you,